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Add Anthelion Helicopters to your LA Bucket-list

It has been an unspoken understanding between Alex and I to gift experiences in place of objects or items during times of gifting or surprising. In turn, we have gotten to experience some of the most memorable adventures and incredible skylines together over the last couple of years.

Just a few of months ago, we had the opportunity to finally check something off our LA bucket-list that we had talked about doing for some time prior. Anthelion Helicopters is a premier aerial tour provider and flight training school based in Long Beach, California. They offer a variety of tour packages showcasing incredible views surrounding the LA area giving a new perspective to the sprawling City of Angels. And let me tell ya, LA traffic is oddly beautiful when you’re not the one stuck in it…

But quickly, let’s talk about the marginally larrrrge elephant in the room. It’s no secret helicopter excursions typically come with a pretty hefty price tag. Most rides range anywhere from $150-$250 for just about 30 minutes in the air depending on time of day and location. While these prices are fairly standard for the world of helicoptering, my time with Anthelion Helicopters made this investment worth every penny… seriously. And not to mention, their tours last an hour or longer so it’s a pretty good bang for your buck too!

We had driven in from Phoenix to do this tour and made a weekend trip to commence the celebration. Due to unplanned presidential flight restrictions (yes, I can rightfully say Trump put a major delay in our anniversary plans) we were unable to fly during our scheduled time. Though this normally wouldn’t have been an issue, I had really been set on wanting to fly during sunset (duh yelllloooo issss me??) and those at Anthelion made that possible. Due to our limited time in LA, they rescheduled us for the next day and we even got a personal tour from the owner himself, making our cotton candy sky dreams come true!

Below is a glimpse of some of our favorite memories during the El Capitan tour:

If you’ve been searching for that next adventure, plan on visiting LA soon or need a unique gift for someone special check out Anthelion Helicopters!