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Twelve changes I will make in 2019: pg 1 of 365

Hello friends, and Happy New Year!

The arrival of a shiny fresh start, a new beginning and promises of a better life is an overwhelmingly special feeling. Heightened moods of motivation, desire and passion for change can make anyone feel like a new version of themselves already… but how do we ensure our goals are actually achieved throughout the new year? I can speak first hand that I do not have the best track record for finishing out my New Year’s resolutions. Come January 1st I have a checklist of goals longer than my Costco shopping list, and it’s a bit embarrassing how short-lived these motivations soon become. With so much immediate intent to make all of these positive lifestyle changes at once, we forget how equally important it is to ensure the proper environment has been set into place for new habits and mindsets to become established and routine. Instead of making my New Year’s resolution list shorter, I decided to spread them throughout 2019 devoting each month to one specific goal. Below are 12 changes I will be focusing on over the course of the next 12 months. Each month will be dedicated to one overall goal with a few minor goals to help me get there. I hope that by layering on each new habit in a slow and dedicated manner, it will create a more attainable and realistic path for achieving my goals. After all, they say it takes 21 days to build a habit… so why not make 12 new ones this year! So here it is. A sentiment to you and a clear form of accountability for me… While the goal for myself is to make each of these lifestyle changes a clear and consistent habit, I also hope my sharing of tips, tricks and research of each of the following topics will enhance, enlighten and/or enrich any of whom who may be following along with me. Cheers!