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Monday Thoughts

Happy Monday, friends.

While I’m getting super eager to share with you some travel tips regarding my latest adventures around Prague and Budapest, I wanted to share a quick story sprung by a sadly, tragic situation my boyfriend and I witnessed this past weekend.

With a few required stops along the way, we decided to take a quick weekend trip through Southern California where we visited with family and made some necessary food and beach stops along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Even though I had lived in Ventura for 10 years and pretty familiar with the Greater Los Angeles area, I had never gotten the chance to experience the hustle and bustle of the Santa Monica area so naturally, wanting to cross off some childhood bucket list dreams, we made a quick stop at the Pier and got our popcorn and cotton candy fix on.

With a lot to fit in along our PCH adventure, we headed back to our car.

Near the pathway to exit the pier, crowds emerged-- ascending toward and away from the beach, making it somewhat challenging to navigate smoothly.

We were towards the bottom of the stairway when we experienced a shrilling scream coming from the top of the pier. A middle-aged woman, hands full of beach-day necessities, had fallen down more than 10 feet of stairs onto a slab of concrete, falling directly on her head and face.

Sparing the details, believe me when I say the scene was horrific, gory and petrifying.

Being the closest to her we rushed to her side among many others. Thankfully, medical officials were there within minutes and the woman was rushed to the hospital immediately.

We will never know the severity of the woman’s injuries and if she’s going to be okay. We don’t know if she suffered from just a few broken bones and a shattered nose, or if the injuries sustained were life threatening or fatal.

To think that a minor misstep or slight miscalculation could result in an outcome much more severe, life-changing or at the very worst, deadly is an overwhelming concept and a true reminder that life, no matter how seemingly perfect, is always uncertain.

Live life like it’s your last day and live life to the fullest are sayings we have all grown up hearing. But I think for many, myself included, it is so easy to get caught up in the cycles of life often feeling urged to put your passions, interests, home-life and happiness aside and on the back burner.

I came by a really interesting Ted Talk not too long ago from Leana Delle. She argues the idea that instead of living life like it’s our last day, we should be living like it’s our first. She goes on to say:

“If we live each day full of wonder and appreciation while discovering a genuine sense of joy, I believe that motivation for our truest passion would be more likely to present itself...I would argue that we can deal with day-to-day routine and responsibilities while pursuing our passion. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.”

If you are interested in the full video, check it out here:

With this in mind, I really just wanted to stop by with a quick Monday reminder to live life to the highest degree. Find what makes you happy. Take a second to enjoy the little things. Book the plane ticket. Familiarize yourself with the unknown. Ask questions. Say I love you. Be the deepest, purest form of you and wear it proudly.