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Desert dreamers, west coast wanderers and travel admirers WELCOME!

As I sit here eyes sore and bloodshot, overwhelmed by the copious amounts of caffeine, late nights and lack of good sleep.... I can’t help but feel anxious and excited to introduce to you a project I have been working hard on over the last couple of months!

This sort of feels like the first day of class. Your professor has just forced it upon you and your classmates to introduce yourself through uncomfortable icebreakers and three word adjective exercises, and now you must try to sum up who you are and why you are here in less than a sentence.

Except this is not a classroom. There are no word limits, and I am not sleep deprived because I’m trying to juggle good grades, my health and a social life.

The name is Jess! I am a self-proclaimed breakfast professional, dedicated fuzzy sock collector, and if I had my way I would be traveling the world and writing about it one glass of chardonnay and rooftop bar at a time. Think globetrotting Carrie Bradshaw with the exception of straighter hair and a less impressive shoe collection.

Creating a place to express and document my travel experiences has continuously been a journey I wanted to explore more intimately, extensively and just simply for myself solely. But after becoming inspired by other adventure enthusiasts, I wanted to ignite that same type of travel inspiration for others as those who did for me.

So one day, after obsessing over a word I couldn't quite shake.... I dusted off my big girl pants, poured a glass of wine, bought a domain and kinda of just did the damn thing.

From there, Novaa Girl was coined.

But shed no fear, this name has nothing to do with space or the study of volcanism**** This disclaimer felt necessary after some close to me said that it reminded them of a volcano scientist or space cadet. Smh...

Instead, it's short for Novaturient which is the desire or pursuit for powerful change in one’s life, position or journey.

From very early on, I was oddly fascinated with the idea of human purpose and life’s equivocal journey. To know that you are not bound to your yesterday and neither are your hopes, desires and aspirations is very much a reassuring if not inspiring feeling.

This idea especially felt relevant after leaving four years of college with a Journalism degree in hand and only a very broad idea of what I wanted to do. Towards the end of my degree pursuit, I started to see how incredibly passionate my colleagues were about their roles as gatekeepers of information... but for me, the enthusiasm really wasn't near the same.

Feeling pretty lost after graduating, I decided to take some time off and focus on exactly what it was I wanted to do which just so happened to be the act of experiencing.

I wanted to make it my mission to experience life, experience the new, and experience adventure both near and far while of course living fully, freely and passionately.

If you find yourself feeling the same way or just want a place to find some great travel inspiration, then I welcome you to tag along on this journey.

And for those of you who are just life enthusiasts, jet setting go-getters or travel extraordinaires.... make yourself at home!

Lets wander


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